About Us

We are all about creating beautiful and trendy pieces of fine jewelry to celebrate all of life's essential moments. We believe the touch of gold and diamond will always add sparkles to your memories. In doing this, our team of experts at Artisan Carat try to enhance your buying experience to ensure that you, the client, are beyond satisfied.

At Artisan Carat, we allow our clients to take part in the designing process, with custom orders while offering our expert advice on their choices. We derive joy and happiness in what we do, which makes it easy for us to help you make the best decisions within your budget. Taking pressure and stress off the Jewelry selection and making the buying process seamless.

We see ourselves not just as an E-commerce jewelry store and are also more than just a brand. Artisan Carat is about transparent prices. We are aware of the bad name the fine jewelry industry might have, which is why we've decided to be different.

At Artisan Carat, we carry hand chosen and a bespoke fine jewelry collection that is ready for all to wear. We want to make our jewelry affordable for everyone. Honestly, our core values are about bringing "expensive" jewelry closer to everyone, taking rich out of the lexicon of jewelry, and adding affordability to it.

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Think of jewelry you can wear every day, or perhaps looking for something more formal, you'll find it at Artisan Carat. Despite the affordable price of our jewelry at Artisan Carat, it's not a sacrifice for quality; it's removing the middleman, salesperson from the equation. It's about transparent jewelry information with the exact material, finish, and diamond grade—that simple.

Our Philosophy

We are guided by a tripartite philosophy of affordability, transparency, and social responsibility. We believe everyone should be able to afford fine jewelry that catches your fancy eye. This is why we strive hard to sell directly to the final consumers, cutting out intermediaries.

At the heart of Artisan Carat is transparency and honesty; we abide strictly to the Kimberly process requirements in the sourcing of our diamonds and gemstones. We investigate the sources of our stones to ensure that they are ethically sourced.

We are sure that our suppliers are not only in strict adherence to the ethical sourcing of diamonds, but also full support for environmental protection, and fair labor practices, importantly, passing all requirements within the Patriot Act.