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  • Artisan Carat

    What’s My Necklace Length? How to measure guide

    Necklaces are a timeless fashion accessory. Whether you prefer light or heavy accessories, a necklace can take your look to a whole new level. It has been a staple in every fashion season for both men and women. According to stylists, a perfect necklace length can complement your look in the best... View Post
  • Artisan Carat

    Popular Men’s Gold Chain Styles

    Chains are a common accessory for men to accentuate their appearance. It has long been a fashionable way to upgrade any look. One of the best things about chains is that they go with every outfit. From high-profile, professional looks to your casual street style, chains are a fan favorite. Chains... View Post
  • Artisan Carat

    Popular Snake Jewelry by Artisan Carat

    Popular Snake Jewelry by Artisan Carat                          “Woohoo! You look amazing. Where’d you buy that necklace?” Isn’t it great to hear these kinds of compliments? It boosts your adrenaline and fills your dopamine centers. Everyone wants to look perfect and hear wonderful remarks. Besid... View Post