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Popular Men’s Gold Chain Styles

Chains are a common accessory for men to accentuate their appearance. It has long been a fashionable way to upgrade any look. One of the best things about chains is that they go with every outfit. From high-profile, professional looks to your casual street style, chains are a fan favorite.

Chains have remained a common choice for men throughout all fashion trends and shifts.  They have always been high in demand. Chains are the go-to accessory for every outfit thanks to their classic designs and widespread appeal. If you are wondering about popular chains for men, you have come to the right place.


Five Most Popular Men’s Chain

A good chain necklace can go with multiple looks. From your formal looks to street style, chains are here to stay. Luckily, there are multiple chain styles, patterns, and options for you to choose from.

The chain styles are trendy in every fashion season, so they will stay timeless for years. If you are new to shopping chains, the most popular options for you are discussed as follows.

Cuban Chains

Cuban chains are one of the most popular men's jewelry out there. Due to frequent use in Hollywood films and also by high-profile hip-hop artists, Cuban chains had quickly risen in popularity since the 70s. Their thick and heavy links are a symbol of high masculinity and status. They are also highly durable making them the ideal jewelry for the active lifestyle of men.

You can find them in a number of lengths and thicknesses. A simple rule is, that the longer and thicker your Cuban chain is, the more masculine you will look. When it comes to the thickness, they can be anywhere from 3mm to 19mm. But 3mm to 13mm is the ideal sweet spot for most men.

When choosing Cuban chains, we recommend considering your body build to pick the right thickness. While anyone can pull off any size if they want to, it is best if your Cuban chain compliments your body build. If you are larger, get thicker chains. And if you have a smaller or thinner stature go for thinner chains.


Box Chains

Box chains are pretty unique in appearance. Instead of round links, the box chain comprises box-shaped links. These links are tiny and cubic-shaped and are quite strong compared to the other types of chains. This is because the walls of the links are quite thick and the shape itself provides a higher durability as well. But they are also a bit heavy as well.

These provide a clean and sharp look. Its robust appearance makes men look much more substantial. And for bigger men, it emphasizes their toughness. So, it is a win-win for all types of men if you are looking for that kind of look.

The best aspect of these box chains is that they are easily fixable. They don’t easily get damaged. But when they do, it is usually very easy and cost-efficient to fix them due to their design. But we do recommend getting thick box chains as the thinner ones are actually more prone to damage.

Rope Chains

Rope chains are a classic for all accessory enthusiasts and chain lovers. These chains remain timeless throughout the ages because of their sleek and fashionable pattern. As the name says, rope chains are made of twisted, small links forming a spiral pattern like a rope.

The range of uses for rope chains is vast. From businessmen to street stylists and rappers, the majority of them prefer wearing rope chains. These chains are elegant as well as urban-friendly. You can highlight your look with simple or thicker rope chains. Rope chains are among the strongest men’s chains while also highly fashionable and demanding.

Figaro Chains

Figaro chains are highly attractive for their distinct pattern. In these chains, after every three links, a longer oval-shaped link is added. So, Figaro chains have a simple and attractive look to them. These chains originate from Italy. During the 1990s, their popularity peaked throughout the world.

To this day, Figaro chains are one of the most demanding men’s chain options. Its simple yet interesting look is suitable for all types of outfits. You can easily wear it with your suit and tie, as well as for regular wear. For men who like to keep their look sophisticated yet unique, Figaro chains are the best for them.

Wheat Chains

Wheat chains are a fan favorite when it comes to harmonious and symmetrical chain designs. The specialty of wheat chains is that they are made in a braided pattern similar to that of a wheat stalk. As a result, the links are very symmetrical in the chain.

Fashionistas prefer thicker wheat chains to add glamor to their look. They can add a spark of trendiness and newness to your everyday look. If you want to use a thin wheat chain, you can layer it up and create a beautiful style for different occasions. So, a wheat chain is a must-have item if you want to go for a unique look with men’s chains.



A good chain can tell a thousand stories. Whether you are looking for simple or heavier designs, chains can enhance your style and outlook. Now that you know all about the popular men’s chains,  get your hands on some chains to spruce up your look.