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Buying Gold During Pandemic

One might ask themself, why would I Buy Gold During a Pandemic? 

The Pandemic hit the world vigorously and practically changed our lives forever. A novel disease by the name Corona Virus (Covid-19) has shown us Americans what a new life is upon us. The guidance of has taught and guided us on how to properly live and engage in today's uncertain times. Social distancing, wearing masks, washing, sanitizing hands, and our home, has been the new norm. As a society, we didn't fail; we as a country stood and currently stand together to understand the importance of these implemented guidelines. Jobs were lost and are slowly rebounding to previous level norms. Commodities like metals lowered in price and have now normalized. Gas tanked to the negative line, like never seen before, yet recovered. But one unique commodity/investment that stood out and will stand out forever is Gold

Gold is a chemical element and is mined from our earth. Nearly 200,000 tons of Gold in its pure form has been mined. Gold's unique, bright-yellow appearance has a distinctive look from other useful precious metals. It's widely used because it doesn't corrode or rust and a perfect material for conveying electricity. 

Another useful and self-fulfilling use of Gold is fine jewelry. The most popular and highly mined precious metal offers many distinctive ways to be worn. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, to name a few, are the backbone of how Gold is shown off. Many gold jewelry variations exist today, including White Gold, Rose Gold, and the more common Yellow Gold. Different purity levels also exist with 10 karats (10k), 14 karat (14k), 18 karat (18k), and rarely worn 22k/24k. 

Now, buying Gold during a pandemic might seem scary because, like everything else in life, it is a new and uncertain time. Here is a fun fact many don't know. At the beginning of the Corona Virus Pandemic in the US (sometime between January- February 2020), the price of pure 24k Gold was right around $1407 an ounce. An ounce of Gold is equivalent to 31.1 grams. As of the writing of this blog, August 11, 2020, Gold is trading at $1954 an ounce. An increase of 38.77% !!! In less than 7 months' time. We aren't implementing that buying Gold is a safe investment or a get-rich-quick seminar, we are just trying to keep our clients entertained and educated at all times, including these modern times. If you have been holding back on buying yourself those gold earrings, remember one thing: as gold rises in value, so do your precious metal or delicate jewelry items. 


Besides buying Gold during a pandemic as an investment, wearing it as a fashion and personal sense of style is essential. Passing down fine jewelry from one generation to another creates memories and brings a sentimental value that will never be duplicated or replaced with money. In the event of a loss of a family member, one might say and remember, "I have this gold necklace from my grandmother," or my mom gifted me these Gold earrings.


In conclusion, we understand that Gold, fine jewelry, precious metals, and gemstones are always in value, and buying from a trusted and reputable source is also essential. That's why we at Artisan Carat believe in transparency with our clients and educating you to empower yourselves to understand if and when you are ready, so are we, wether in the Pandemic or after, we are on your side.


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