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Full Finger Snake Ring


A trend of wearing snake jewelry has emerged since the time of Queen Victoria. From snake rings to necklaces and hand jewelry, snake jewelry has become very popular. An emerald stone was embedded in a serpent-designed engagement ring that she received from Prince Albert. For Queen Victoria, the ring symbolizes eternal love and wisdom.

There are different cultural interpretations of the snake and they have associated various meanings with it. For example, Egyptian Pharaohs believed that snakes symbolized divinity and crowning beauty. Because snakes have the ability to shed their skin, ancient Greek and Romans regarded snakes as a symbol of rebirth. Snakes are interpreted by Hindus and Americans as symbols of desire and sexuality. Lastly, the Mayans worshipped Serpents and considered them as holy and protectors.

History of Snake Ring

Snake rings were worn during Queen Victoria's period along with serpent hat pins and bangles. They were very valuable since they were finished with diamonds and gemstones. Inspired by the Romans and Greeks, Victorians replicated their styles and designs in their jewelry. Queen Victoria chose a gold snake ring for her engagement that was a pretty unique style during that time. Soon after, snake jewelry became quite common amongst people.

Meaning of Snake Ring

Snake rings have a different representation when it comes to jewelry. Serpents are commonly used in subtle rings, bold necklaces and simple bracelets. The rings are made from metals like silver, gold and even Diamond. Some of the common meanings attached to the snake ring is as follows:

-Power: Queens, Pharaohs and powerful leaders wear snake rings that depicts power and control

-Love: The ring also symbolizes the eternal love you’ve for your partner.

-One-ness: Wearing a snake-shaped ring also symbolizes completeness and perfection.

If you’re looking for a dainty finger snake ring for yourself or you wish to give it to your loved ones, you won’t be disappointed by our snake ring collection.


1.       Diamond Snake Ring

Looking for the perfect gift to give your better half who appreciates unique statements? This elegant yet subtle Diamond Snake ring is a must buy. It’s made from pure diamonds and 18K white gold. The ring looks effortlessly chic and can go about with any outfit you wear. Snakes are a symbol for personal growth and power. As time goes by, you start adapting new knowledge and accept wisdom. What could be better than a Diamond snake ring to remind you of your strength and power? It will perfectly complement your ring finger.


2.        Slithering Snake Ring

The full finger snake Ruby eyes Ring is made from the finest 14K Yellow Gold. Add a personal touch to your look with this seductive ring style and all eyes will be set on you. Whether you’re going to a formal party or it’s a girl’s night out, the snake ring will bring out the confidence in you and make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

3.       Snake Bracelet and Ring

Looking for a ring-chain snake bracelet? Designed in 18k white gold with pure diamonds, this piece of jewelry should be added to your ornament collection. No matter what the occasion is, you can flaunt your jewelry with style and unleash the Cleopatra in you. Available in different sizes, let the versatile piece do the talk.

4.       Three Band Diamond and Ruby Snake Ring

The ring would definitely make you remind you of the good old childhood days when you used to play snakes and ladders. When Rubies meet diamonds, a queen takes over a throne. Wearing a gorgeous piece of ornament wouldn’t make you feel any less than a queen in real life. Made from 18kt white gold and studded with popular ruby gemstone, the ring will put you in the spotlight. There will be compliments soaring!

Regardless of the symbol that snakes hold, you can wear it with confidence that will undoubtedly top off your outfit. With Artisancarat, style your snake jewelry your way!