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Layering Jewelry

Wearing fine jewelry is a great way to stand out. Wearing it proper and bold is a better way. Interestingly, many women fall short on understanding and mastering the technique on know how to wear jewelry fashionably.

If you have a boxful or cabinet full of jewelry and you are clueless on how to pull them off, you probably do not know how to layer.  

Either you are wearing them on your neck or displaying them on your hands or merely wearing it as earrings, always remember that fashion is a game, and if you can layer with jewelry, you are a great player.

This article is written for the experts and the neophytes. It is written for those who want to master the art of layering jewelry. Read on to find out how to layer jewelry.

The same material is always safer: even if you have an eye for fashion and a closet full of accessories, jewelry, and ornaments. It is called a rookie mistake, it is called the beginner's error, and it occurs when the individual combines different and uneven layers of jewelry. If you are a novice in layering, it is advisable for you to only layer with jewelry that has a similar style. There is a rule in layering, and that rule states that 'less is always more.' Always go for the same style, if you are experimenting with the gothic style, go all gothic, if you are testing out antique, go all antique.

The same material is always better: no matter how good a jewelry combination looks in your head, keep it simple. It doesn't mean it will look great on your neck, hands, or other parts. Experts always ask that when layering, using the same material is very important. Plastic accessories will always look better and are better when paired together; the same goes for accessories made from wood, metal, and plastic. When choosing the same materials, always remember that elements of the same shape always work better. Gold necklaces go better with gold bracelets, gold earrings, and gold rings. 

Sterling Silver jewelry is better when combined with other silver. 

Shake things up with different weights: The more you are experienced in layering, the more experimental you will be. Layering is creative, and creativity involves "doing something strange for a change" sometimes. Jewelry of the same size might look good, but they can become boring after some time. You can add some spice to your style by working on the weights. Mixing the weights of your jewelry can introduce a spark to your outfit. What about pairing a slim gold chain with a chunky pearl or several chunky pieces of jewelry of different sizes together on your neck or hands to get the stand out style. Ensure that the jewelry stands out but still retain their balance.


Stick with balancing and complimenting: There are basic rules that must be followed. The first rule is the rule of balancing, ensure that if you want to pair different styles or textures of jewelry, equitably pair them on the body. The second rule of layering as an expert is complimenting. Ensuring that you compliment your combination, try using the colors, or the materials that complement each other and the color of your outfit. Ensure that you combine bold colors and subdued colors when combining. Ensure that you combine tiny pieces with bold pieces. Who says neutral colors are not a perfect blend with bright colors.


Focus on one wrist: layering jewelry is not entirely for necks. You can embellish your hands with different pieces of jewelry. Try pearls of different colors on one of your hands or opt for materials with complimenting textures like gold and silver bangles. Emblazoning them on one of your hands is the best way to layer with simplicity. You can choose to leave the other hand bare or pair it with a simple bracelet.

Introduce a watch with the layering: when it comes to layering, there are no limits, there are no boundaries, there are no restrictions. Introduce a watch in the mix. Learn to introduce a watch into your jewel combo. Slim watches work with slim jewelry. Large faced watches can also work with compact and abundant jewelry. Throw in a watch, and you will be glad you did.

Layer the rings: 

We talked about jewelry for the neck and the wrist, but we haven't mentioned how to layer effectively for the fingers. When layering your rings, ensure that rings are placed on different sections of your fingers. Some can be on your thumb; some can be near the tip of your index finger. The goal of layering the fingers is to have a style that stands out.

In conclusion, layering is a skill that separates the novice from the experts, with layering, you can express your style freely either on your neck, hands, or finger.