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Pearl Jewelry and Matching Your Outfits

If one would like to date fine jewelry to a period before memory, then the answer is pearls. Pearl jewelry is believed to date back to the ancient Greeks and worn on garments within the Roman Empire. 

Pearls come in many sizes and shapes, including organic and cultured styles. There are different types of pearls; hence, there are different types of pearl jewelry. Pearls range from classic white pearls, Akoya to jet black pearls, Tahitian, and there are others such as pearls with shades of blue and others with gold and silver. With a lot of gems in circulation, the problem is often not, where to find pearl jewelry but how to wear them.

Compared to other forms of fine jewelry, pearls are the only form of jewelry that is made by a natural organism called oysters. Because it takes several oysters, quite a lot of time to make a single piece of oyster, having a complete strand of the oyster necklace is such a big deal. If all you have is a solitary necklace of pearls, you can still stun and standout with them by wearing them as a single necklace. They are perfect for black-tie occasions and may be paired with matching earrings and bracelets. The trick to wearing a Pearl necklace perfectly is the shorter the length, the better.  

The most popular form of fine jewelry for pearl lovers is the Pearl NecklacePairs well with a LBD: ladies we all own a little black dress (LBD) in our wardrobe. Well, if you have a pearl necklace and a little black dress, then you must know this closely held secret. Pearl necklaces and short black dresses always go together. When combined, the pearls make the wearer look and feel genuinely classy. Simple pairing suggestion is a dress that has minimal or no pattern in their fronts. A new trendy look is to pair a pearl necklace with turtle necks, and if the occasion demands, you can wear two sets of pearl necklaces on your neck. Ensure that one is shorter, and the other is longer. 

Layer the Pearl Necklace 

Another word for pearls is elegance. A simple guide to layer the multiple white beads elegantly is by twisting them once before you wear them. Twisting creates another loop that can make the casual onlooker assume that you are wearing more than one necklace. A pearl necklace of 30 inches is recommended in order to twist. To do this successfully, ensure that you are wearing a simple top, dress, or playsuit. Wearing pearls with outfits that have ruffles, designs, and patterns will make you look tacky and untidy.  

Mix and matching necklaces:

How you wear your pearls has a lot to do with how stylish you are. Who says you cannot wear pearls with other accessories? Combining pearls with other necklaces, such as necklaces made with sterling silver or gold, will add a bold shine to your collar. Pairing necklaces with pearls will create a casual look, and if it is done properly, it will create a stunning casual look. If you are interested in pulling this look, try pairing your pearl necklaces with diamonds, you will create a desirable look, that will show brilliance and class. Match pearls with the color or the texture of your attire. Pair light colored pearls with dark-colored outfits and vice versa. 

Wear them as bracelets

It is most common to see pearls on the neck; however, they can also be worn as earrings, bracelets, and anklets. You don't have to wait till you can pair a necklace with a bracelet, you can wear them alone for corporate and casual occasions.

Pearl jewelry may have existed for a long time, but they are still modern enough for the fashionable woman to wear. With several styles to choose from and several ways to wear them, if you are not wearing a piece of pearl jewelry, what are you wearing?