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Trending Jewelry in 2020

There are plenty of reasons why women wear jewelry, and for many years' certain jewelry has been known as a fashion staple. However, every year, a specific trend in jewelry makes the list of trending jewelry while others don't.  

The reasons that influence the trend of any jewelry is not limited to cost; it is dependent on factors like celebrity use or endorsement, and many other factors.

Large-sized and small-sized jewelry continually "make the cut," but it seems that small-sized dainty jewelry often makes the cut more than large-sized ones.  Read on to understand what jewelry is trending in 2020.


Bangles are types of bracelets that are designed for the more fashionable woman. They might have originated from Asia, but women from all over the world are wearing them. Bangles are sold in an array of colors and styles. Throughout this year, bangles have featured on the runways and the street. Bangles may be made from wood, plastic, and other lackluster materials, but the trendiest are sterling silver and gold. 

Hoop Earrings:

Hoops have been around for ages, just like bangles, but they had a resurgence last year. They have been spotted on celebrities and also on the ears of women everywhere. Hoops accentuate necklines, jawlines and can also be made form a variety of materials. From gold hoops to silver hoops, hoops remain a staple in every girl's closet, not only this year but for many years to follow.  


The word on the street in the year 2020 is that beads are back. Either worn on the neck or serving as bracelets or on the ankle like anklets, beads are taking over. They are also being infused into earrings so that they can be accessorized in several ways than the popular styles we all know. With beads, size also matters; there are chunky ones; there are medium-sized and small ones and many others. The ease of which beads can be combined is the reason why they are becoming popular amongst women of all ages.  


Sun and star ornaments: 

This year saw a lot of designs and designers experiment with sparkly and shiny elements like suns and stars. Many pieces of jewelry like bangles and bracelets and necklaces always come with charms and ornaments made from sun and stars. These ornaments are known to accentuate the features of the jewelry they are found on. Interestingly, sun and star elements are not new, they have always been popular, and this year, they made a comeback to make the list of trending jewelry in 2020.


Pearls have been around as long as the ocean has been. Pearls have been a very vital part of our wedding costumes, although they are mostly used by the wealthy. This year they have made their way to the necks and wrists of ladies of all tax brackets. Regardless of their colors, sizes, and cost, more women are buying pearls.


Bracelets come in many types. From bangle bracelets to cuff bracelets to shell bracelets and simple chain bracelets. Women love accessorizing bracelets, and customizing. There is also the charm bracelet that has made a comeback and is now a favorite with kids, teens, and some adults. Bracelets can be worn on either wrist, and they can be paired with other jewelry, including a watch. They are made for the stylish woman, and they are not going out of style soon.  


Anklets made a 360 turn to make it to the list of trending jewelry for the year 2019. They are to the ankle what bracelets are to the wrist. Anklets can be made from simple handcrafted materials like raffia, plastic, and straws.  Anklets made with materials of silver, gold and even diamonds are the trendiest. Women wear anklets because of many reasons, including personal style and trend. Contrary to what most people think, anklets can be worn without a complimentary toe ring.  

Chunky chains: 

Chunky chains are not for male hip-hop rappers anymore. They are for the ladies, as well. Slender necklaces are cool, but chunky chains are cooler and trendier. They can be worn with turtlenecks and any color or texture of outfits. They are here to stay considering the number of women using them.  

Floral jewelry: 

Floral jewelry is another jewelry that trended on and off the walkway this year. They have been making a steady entry from the past year, and they have finally made a grand entrance. They are sometimes smelted with metals, or they are sometimes made with imitation flowers. If you haven't worn one, what are you waiting for? 

Peculiar pendants:

Peculiar- shaped pendants are becoming the norm nowadays. They include coin-shaped pendants to pill-shaped pendants, and other peculiarly shaped pendants have social and domestic connotations.

In conclusion, many pieces of jewelry did not make the list of trending jewelry in 2020; however, those that made the list were carefully selected, and if you haven't bought any of these, grab yours now.