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Women's Silver vs Gold Jewelry: Which is Better?

Jewelry is a vital part of our wardrobe. They are beautiful, and they make us look beautiful. Jewelry is valuable, and they give us an appearance of value. They have sentimental and economic benefits, and from time immemorial, jewelry lovers have been buying jewelry because of the reasons we listed above. 

There are different types of jewelry, and all of them play the same functions of beautification, adornment, and enhancement; however, they all have their differences. This article was written to examine the difference between two of the most common ones. Women's silver jewelry vs. women's gold jewelry, the commonly asked question is this- Which is best of the two?

What is women's gold jewelry?   

As the name implies, women's gold jewelry is the type of jewelry made from or made with gold. Gold is a very vivid color, so is any jewelry made of it. However, because of the malleability of gold, it is impossible to make a piece of jewelry from gold in its unalloyed state. This is why most pieces of jewelry made with gold are often combined with other alloys; alloys such as metals. Gold jewelry is usually classified into four categories based on their karats. The first class of gold jewelry is 24kt gold, the next is 18kt, and the others are 14kt and 10kt, respectively. The classification of gold along these four classes depends on the purity of gold in the jewelry.

What makes women's silver jewelry?  

If jewelry is made from silver, it is called a piece of silver jewelry. Silver is a bright color that has certain similarities with stainless and mercury, but it is different from both. Unlike gold, silver jewelry is greyish. Silver can only exist in two forms, especially when alloyed. Silver can occur as sterling silver and oxidized silver, the latter is usually lighter and brighter, while the former is darker and duller. However, silver is easy to clean, maintain, and also highly durable.

There are several differences between silver and gold, and we have listed them below. Check them out to understand the differences.

  • Appearance: When shopping for jewelry, appearance is everything. The appearance of gold and silver is a distinguishing factor that the users always look out for. Regular gold jewelry is usually yellow, while silver jewelry is usually grey. Interestingly, there is more than one form that gold can be expressed. The first is yellow gold; the second is rose gold, and the third is white gold. Yellow gold is usually gold in its unalloyed state. White gold is the color of gold when it is treated with magnessee, nickel or palladium; the resultant effect is a silverish hue, while the pinkish appearance of rose gold is the resultant effect of treating gold with copper or alloying gold and copper. Silver also has two expressions depending on the impact of alloy on it or not. Without any alloy, sterling silver is usually silver (like stainless), however, when alloyed or oxidized, it becomes dark grey. Quick education on the difference between both is crucial before you make your choice.
  • Durability: here is a little lesson in chemistry for intending buyers of jewelry. Gold and silver are both precious metals (which means they are found in nature, and they both have high economic value). However, when compared, gold is more durable than silver. Silver is prone to tarnishing much more than gold, and gold is more scratch-resistant than silver.
  • Care: no buyer wants jewelry that is difficult to clean. For jewelry users, the easier a jewelry is to clean, the better. Although both women's silver jewelry and women's gold jewelry can be worn daily, silver tarnishes with daily use and cleaning. It is easier to clean silver using a soft cloth while Gold jewelry requires warm soapy water or special rags designed for cleaning jewelry.
  • Cost: cost is another factor that influences which of these substances are better than the other. Gold is rarer than silver, and that rarity makes gold costlier than silver. Also, gold doesn't tarnish as fast as silver, and it doesn't react on the skin of its users as fast as silver does.
  • Obvious markings

 One way to identify different grades of gold is by looking out for the physical markings such as karat (kt). The karat /purity levels range from 10-24 while the markings on silver are 925 which is an indication of its purity level (sterling silver which is the purest silver is often marked as 925)

In conclusion, women's silver jewelry has its advantages, and they range from affordability to durability, to ease of care, but its disadvantages are more than its advantages. Gold tarnishes less, but shines more, and reacts less on the body of the wearer. These qualities of gold jewelry make it the best for its users. Both styles are readily available on our website