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Top 5 Easy Ways To Take Care of Jewelry Every Woman Must Know

Ladies, so you hop on the internet and search for a 14k Yellow Gold Full Finger Snake Ring, and boom, you find one at Now the order arrives, and it's perfect. Fits well across your finger and sparkles as a 14k Yellow Gold Ring should. So you've worn it for 200 days straight and received hundreds of compliments and believe its time to safeguard the ring from its "fans" and put it back in the rigid jewelry box. Remember that fine jewelry consisted of commodities like sterling silver, gold, platinum, and others that are carefully made and mostly handmade by an artisan or jeweler. So being cautious will help the longevity of your purchase and allow the sparkle to be around for decades. Before hiding it, you will want to properly take care of it, but how? Here we will explain the top 5 easy ways to take care of your jewelry that every woman must know.


  1. After wear, always keep your jewelry away from other valuables. Try to reinsert your bundles of sparkle in the box it arrived in, usually a hard shell jewelry case, to preserve the overall shape and condition. Keep your jewelry safe and stowed away in its original box will always feel welcoming, and every time you open the box would feel as if a new order from was delivered. 
  2. Another essential factor in jewelry maintenance is to avoid bathing and showering with your fine jewelry, as it might be permissible. Still, we tend to get careless and might hit and bang into something and soap, and water might just push it off your hand/neck/ear. 
  3. When playing sports or engaging in heavy/intense exercise, try to take off your jewelry because as competitive as we can get, ladies, let's remember our dainty and cute jewelry pieces might not be ready for the same strenuous competition. =)
  4. Use the microfiber cloth provided in your Welcome Kit that arrived with your purchase from to gently wipe and cleanse your fine jewels. As illustrated, simply put the necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring in between the clothe and seamlessly wipe with your fingers with gentle pressure. (Never use excessive force or pressure not to snap or damage mountings or settings.)ARTISAN CARAT MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH
  5. If, by gently wiping the necklace or bracelet fails to clean, then add a combination of lukewarm water and a dab of dish soap in a bowl when needed. (Yes, you've read that right.) The basics of liquid soap mixed in with warm water should be more than sufficient to remove gunky residue or standard staining; add your jewels in the bowl, and allow to sit for 15-30 minutes. After the ''jewelry bath'' simply extract and use the Artisan Carat provided special Microfiber cloth to gently cleanse the remainder. 


Bracelets are usually worn loose, and we tend to have them slide up and down our arm so we can move our hands freely; one needs to be careful to not snap the lock or clasp while gesturing or using hands. 


Necklaces and pendants are worn around our necks with ease, and most of the time, we tend to forget that they even exist because they are light and close to our chest. Be careful while sleeping/napping with jewelry as we tend to not understand what we do. 


Earrings are somewhat "bolted" on our ears and have the most direct connection to our bodies as they are "hooked" or properly mounted in our cartilages. Yet one needs to be cautious while swimming or during sleep to not put force on the shape.


Rings, on the other hand (haha pun intended), are the most commonly broken or misplaced of all jewelry simply because we are all so hands-on today. Whether we are on our phone swiping, washing our hands, or even using hand sanitizer 100x a day, cooking or doing chores, we are always using or hands/ fingers throughout the day. It is most essential to be careful with engagement rings as the center diamond is mounted with caution and needs to be manually inserted by an artisan or jeweler so that your 1 carat stone stays put for a long time. (It is a good practice to check the mounting every 2-3 years to ensure the brackets are strong and durable for the diamond or gemstone to be safe.) 


Whether shopping for yourself or a loved one, remember that whatever choice of fine jewelry you purchase, it's advisable to be gentle with it and wear it with love. The pendant with the necklace you've always wanted is affordable now at and super easy to maintain. They provide you with a Welcome Kit that includes a microfiber cloth to preserve your jewelry collection, a hard shell jewelry box, and a One Year Warranty


With Love, 


Artisan Carat Team

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