Warranty Policy

One Year Warranty

Artisan Carat stands behind its products and warrants all collections from manufacturing defects for the first year of ownership, as long as you still own it.

  • If you believe your item has a manufacturing defect, you may return it to us for inspection. After we inspect the merchandise and find a fault within our manufacturing process, we will repair it.
  • If the item is not repairable, we will either replace it with its kind, or the team at Artisan Carat will come out with a fair business practice. 

Life Happens

"The first 100 years are the hardest, so we live and learn.” -Artisan Carat

Rings (One warranty claim per item)

  • We will resize your ring for free one time during your one year warranty, as long as it's safe and no damage may occur.
  • Hey, we understand its life. We gain weight; we lose weight, if you need a resize, as long as it's safe and no damage may occur.
  • If you accidentally hit a prong or bruise it, and we believe it is fixable, we will fix it, as long as no extra costs apply.  (We will not set a diamond or take liability for it, please do not send it.)

Pendants with Necklace (One warranty claim per item)

  • We will resize your necklace, in case you'd like it shorter, at no cost, within the first year.
  • Broken necklace clasp, we will solder it back within the first year.

Bracelets (One warranty claim per item)

  • We will resize your bracelet, in case you'd like it shorter, at no cost, within the first year. 
  • Broke your clasp for your bracelet, we will solder it back, if possible for free within the first year.

Earrings (One warranty claim per item)

  • In case you bent your stud earring or lock, if possible we will solder, at no cost, within the first year.


Complimentary Smile Service


  • Ship us the merchandise and warranty claim; Artisan Carat will fix it, once done, we will pay for the return shipping.

Free Polish

  • After fixing your fine jewelry, we will polish it (if possible), complimentary to you, and return it, looking like new.


Minor Disclaimer

Slight imperfections and variances in artisanship is normal, and certain inclusions and visible characteristics in diamonds and gemstones are specific to its design.


Terms and Simple Conditions

The preceding Warranty and Complimentary Services are available only to the person who purchased the product from Artisan Carat. Any services, repairs, and sizing performed by a third-party, or not Artisan Carat will void your Warranty.

Our fine jewelry can handle everyday wear and minor activities. 

Rings are more so subjective to wear since hands are regularly washed and used.

We do not provide warranties for physical damage, product loss, loss of stones, or theft.


Some examples of common jewelry issues that would not be considered manufacturing defects include:

Please be careful around swimming pools, hot tubs, and bathing.

Normal wear over time may need minor restoring of prongs and precious metals, to keep strength in the setting.

Prongs that bend or wear out allowing a stone to fall out are considered as damage, with no warranty remains.

Any damage to a stone, because of a chip or break, is regarded as damage with no warranty remains.

Any toxic solution or spills, "projects" that can cause discoloration will void Warranty.

Sometimes life happens, and if we determine that a manufacturing defect did not cause the damage to your merchandise, we will notify you first and let you know what repair services are available, and your cost.