Welcome Kit

We are thrilled and would love to welcome you to the Artisan Carat family! ❤️

We understand the competitive market today and the wealth of choices and options for fine jewelry, we want to start by saying Thank You for your purchase and the donation to a meaningful non-profit organization! ❤️

In our process of thanking you, we would love to provide you this little goodie bag of enjoyable and complimentary amenities as a token of measure. Who can resist free goodies? ❤️

  1. A large zippered tote bag - designed for your convenience that we recommend for the beach/pool or possibly for shopping purposes. Made of recyclable material, this lightweight carrying purse is large enough to add as many things as you'd like. Based in Manhattan, NY, we recently had a bill passed, disallowing plastic bags to be provided for shopping use. We understand that many states followed suit, and California has had this law placed years ago. Going green never looked so fashionably well. 
  2. A microfiber cleaning cloth - intended to clean your fine jewelry in any time of need, with a drawstring bag, may be used at your discretion. Simply take the fabric and gently wipe fingerprints or dirt off your necklace or pendant, lightly clean your earrings, massage your bracelet in between the fabric, and softly caress your engagement ring.
  3. An individually wrapped face mask - aimed to keep you safe during these tough times with the current Covid-19 pandemic. Simply put on the mask and tell the coronavirus to stay away :).
  4. A magnetic business card - easily magnetize us to your refrigerator with an easy to scan QR code, with a link to artisancarat.com, for updates in new collections and social media pages. 

Add us on Social Media and tag ArtisanCarat for your opportunity to win FREE fine jewelry (worth up to $500) in multiple giveaways and different contests. 

We can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube. Thank you for joining the Artisan Carat family and allowing us to be your jeweler and one-stop-shop in fine jewelry. ❤️


With Love,


Artisan Carat | Fine Jewelry with a Social Responsibility ❤️