About Us

At Artisan Carat, we are all about creating beautiful and trendy fine jewelry to celebrate life's essential moments. We believe the touch of gold and diamonds will always unite sparkles to our memories. We hand select bespoke fine jewelry with a collection ready for all women to wear.

Our core values are producing "expensive" jewelry closer to all women, with different trends and pocketbooks, taking rich out of the lexicon of jewelry, and adding affordability. An E-commerce jewelry store that believes in transparent pricing, ethically sourced diamonds including precious metals, and giving back to our amazing communities. 

Our Philosophy 

A company guided by a tripartite philosophy of affordability, transparency, and social responsibility. We believe our beautiful ladies should be able to afford fine jewelry that catches their fancy eye. We strive vigorously to market directly to the consumer, cutting out intermediaries or middlemen "consultants."

At the heart of Artisan Carat is transparency and honesty; we abide strictly to the Kimberly process requirements in the sourcing of our diamonds and gemstones. We ensure that our suppliers only adhere to the ethical sourcing of all our gems, with full support for environmental protection, fair labor practices, and importantly, passing all requirements within the Patriot Act.

The only way we embed a smile on our face is acknowledging that every exceptional jewelry transaction initiated, has a social responsibility attached to it. Purchasing the pearl necklace or diamond earrings will brighten your mood, having the ability to pick a non-profit organization meaningful to you, with 3% of proceeds advancing directly to your charity-will be a win for you, a win for our team, and a more significant win for our community.


With love, 

Artisan Carat.