Custom Designs

Artisan Carat Diamond Jewelry Princess Cut

Do you have an idea for a custom design?

-We understand individual style and are open-minded to it. Our team of artisan artists, molders, jewelers will guide your creative mind with desires of specific fine jewelry, as long as you have a logo, an idea, a general drawing, and even a saved screenshot.


Are you looking for a particular diamond or gemstone?

- Our team of experts can fulfill your diamond or gemstone inquires and help land you the "rock" or gem with proper certification and paperwork.


Do you have a distinctive engagement setting in mind?

- Our team can assist you with a design and cast a molding for your engagement ring, a dream setting, and help you obtain the perfect diamond with the proper amount of carat weight :).


In more straightforward terms, if our website doesn't meet your specific wants or desires, we will try to find or create it essentially sketched for your fashionista liking, please visit Contact Us page, for further details.


With love,


Artisan Carat.