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  • Artisan Carat

    Should Women Buy Fine Jewelry Gifts For Themselves?

      The year is 2020 and women aren't any longer looking forward to men to shop for them and gift them with fine jewelry. For us ladies, jewelry is bigger than a “gift” it defines romance, a sentimental meaning, and touches our feelings, and sometimes we must make ourselves happy first. Does jewel... View Post
  • Artisan Carat

    What are and who sells 14K Gold Earrings?

    14k Gold Earrings Earring, a special decoration worn pendent from the ear, sometimes suspended by means that of a hoop, drop, or hook passing through a perforated hole within the lobe of the ear or, nowadays, usually by means a screwed clip on the lobe.  The impulse to brighten or to change the ... View Post
  • Artisan Carat

    Italian Horn Cornicello Pendant

    The Italian Horn Cornicello Pendant is a classic & timeless piece of jewelry. Both men and women can wear this fantastic iconic charm a design that’ll compliment any unique design and style. The Italian Horn Cornicello Pendant makes an ideal gift for Italians or anyone trying to ward any evil... View Post