F. A. Q.


How do I place an order?

Ordering is simple, add to cart and checkout. ;)

Can I customize something I like?

Absolutely, when placing your order, if an option for engraving permits, please let us know your special requests in the instruction section if possible, consider it done.

Can I call/chat/email before ordering?

Of course, please visit our Contact Us page, and we will assist with all your questions/concerns.

Are there other jewelry options that can be seen that are not on your website?  

Yes, we do curate new collections periodically and by joining our newsletter- enables us to email you with new designs, special promotions, or even personal selected ideas. 

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Only residents in New York state will have to pay all applicable sales tax.

Are you on Social Media?

Yes! Artisancarat has an online presence with the same handle and can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and Twitter. We are working on our following and trying to reach an organic and user-friendly brand. Please follow us ;).

What's my warranty?

All our fine jewelry purchases come with a limited One Year Warranty; please visit our Warranty Policy page for inquires. 

After checkout, how do I know my donation was successfully processed? 

Great question! We have partnered with ShoppingGives, who manages all processing, a supplemental email will be sent to you with the exact amount donated to your respectable charity organization.



What forms of payment are you accepting?

We currently accept all major credit cards like American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. We also accept Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay, and will offer credit options for financing.

Do you accept cash?

Yes! If you are in the New York City area, please stop by our office in the Rockefeller center and let us give you a tour.



How do shipping costs work?

FREE Shipping! We love it! On all orders as long as mailed in the continental USA. Hawaii and Alaska will incur a minor shipping fee.

How is my order shipped?

Once your offer is placed, we will email you a receipt, detailing tracking information, and who the carrier would be.

Can you ship to my P.O Box?

Sorry, we do not ship to P.O. Boxes, we need a physical address.

Do you offer international shipping?

We are working on it, and stay tuned, or contact us to inquire about more information.



Return Policy

How do returns work?

If you don't like your fine jewelry, no problem! We try to offer the highest customer satisfaction; please visit our Returns Policy page for full guidance.


Perfect Sizing 

How do I know my Ring, Necklace, and bracelet size?

Great Question! Ladies, we have an intuitive Find Your Perfect Size page, please visit for full guidance.

Can I use my current Ring, Necklace, and Bracelet to measure my size?

Yes, that's the best way, or visit our easy and friendly Find Your Perfect Size page for complete details.


Jewelry Care

 How do I take care of my fine jewelry?

-We recommend using a microfiber material or a soft cloth only to clean.               

-Please be gentle when putting on and taking off your jewels.

-Please don't' scrub vigorously as scratching or damage may occur; please visit our Fine Jewelry Blog page for more details.

Can I shower or apply lotions/ perfumes while wearing?

We recommend taking off jewelry before showering as unforeseen accidents may occur. In regards to lotion and perfumes, they present no issues, but if you are making a potion, that'll be a separate question :). 

 How do I know the material/metal my fine jewelry is made?

We precisely specify each fine jewelry collection with its precious metal, gemstones, weight if applicable, and specifically categorize all features are on the specific landing page.


Gift Wrapping

How do I send an item as a gift without price tags?

When checking out, please mention "Gift," we will handle the rest, or let us know in the instructions section.

How much is the gift option?

Each item(s) in our collection is packaged uniquely, so depending on your request, we can fulfill with a minor cost of $5-$20.


If we missed a question, please send us a comment or email our team; we would love to hear feedback, both sweet and sour ;).


With love,


Artisan Carat.