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Popular Snake Jewelry by Artisan Carat

Popular Snake Jewelry by Artisan Carat

                         “Woohoo! You look amazing. Where’d you buy that necklace?”
Isn’t it great to hear these kinds of compliments? It boosts your adrenaline and fills your dopamine centers. Everyone wants to look perfect and hear wonderful remarks. Besides having a great dress, one must have the best range of accessories to get these stupendous compliments. If you are selecting your dress after looking at hundreds of websites, then why are you going to buy ordinary accessories? You must have the best accessories that compliment your personality and your dress as well.
So, if you are going to look for trendy, latest types of jewelry? You do not need to look any further. Artisan Carat has got you all covered. Jewelry has a unique significance in women’s life. It adds special essence to our special moments. It shows wealth, status, and power. It also aids in beautifying the one wearing it. It can be worn at auspicious occasions. Weddings are a great place to show your jewelry collection. It can be made of copper, silver, gold, diamond, platinum. There are thousands of designs available in all these metals. But, do you know what is the most inn type of jewelry? Yes, it is the snake jewelry. Nowadays, there are hundreds of shops offering you this but, you have to choose the best one. Not only the design but to buy jewelry you must check the quality of metal. Jewelry is the thing that people pass on to the next generations. For this, you must buy jewelry from the finest jewelers. To stand out in a crowd, you must have access to the best quality and the best designs.
Artisan Carat
provides you with vogue designs in gold and diamond. There are all elegant and classy pieces available whether you need earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets. One of the variety of designs available is the snake jewelry. It is one of the trends and is one of the rapidly selling types of jewelry. It is so because of various reasons. The significance of snake jewelry will tell you why it is selling like hot cakes.

Significance of Snake Symbols

  • Power
    According to old times, snakes signify power, passion, and sexual desires. It is also related to infinity and eternity. Snakes does ecdysis that emphasizes on letting the hurtful past experiences go. It is for allowing the new and beautiful things in your life.
  • Royalty
    Snake Jewelry was worn in ancient Egypt; it stands for royalty. Not only in Egyptian culture it also has astonishing significance in Indian Culture.  In certain cultures, this jewelry is worn as a mourning jewelry to purify the deceased.
  • Fortune
    Snakes are also related to good things in some cultures. It expresses good faith and fortune in some cultures. It is also related to fertility. That is why the married women mostly wear snake jewelry. This dual nature keeps the man intrigued.
  • Medicine The snake symbols are also used in medicine. This shows the healing power of snakes. Even the anecdotes of deadly venoms are made from the snakes themselves. So, if someone hurts you by their malicious acts, then make the anecdote out of it, take the positive energy, kick that bad person out of your life and move on. Snakes sit in a coiled state, symbolizing that what goes around, comes around. It stands for KARMA.
  • Queen Victoria Wore it
    Although snake jewelry emerged from the time of Queen Victoria, Brad Pitt and Angelina Julie once advertised for a certain brand’s snake jewelry collection and that is when it caught the eyes of most of the people.

Designs of Snake Jewelry
It is not specified to just one type of jewelry. It comes in all styles and designs as other jewelries.
Artisan Carat Snake Collection provides you with

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Stud Earrings
  • Huggies Earrings
  • Bangles

All these items come in white gold, yellow gold, and Diamonds.

Authenticity of Snake Jewelry
Not only snake jewelry, but whatever you will buy from Artisan Carat will be 100% original and genuine. The jewelry is finished with beautiful gemstones.
Diamond snake ring is made of pure diamonds and 18K white gold.
The Ruby eyes ring is made from the finest 14K yellow gold.
Snake Bracelet and ring is designed in 18K white gold with diamonds.

Customized Jewelry
Having your own design is not a big deal. We, humans, have creative minds and if we use it, then there should be no issue. You can get your customized Jewelry at Artisan Carat.

Warranty Policy
Buying jewelry is a big thing for every person. So, you want to get it from the right place and want to have some kind of warranty. Artisan Carat gives you 1 year warranty, T&Cs applied.
It also provides various other facilities that you can check here: Warranty Policy .

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