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Hollow Jewelry - The Pros & Light Cons ;)

Hollow there ;).


Surfing the web, and you stumble upon a beautiful website selling cool fine jewelry: lovely necklaces, gorgeous drop earrings, exquisite rings, and hollow bracelets. So you understand the gist of all the choices, except hollow. According to a google search, backed by Oxford dictionaries, hollow means having a hole or empty space between. A hollow person is defined as someone without character or substance. Now, ladies, we don't agree any woman is hollow because all have some sort of style and do stand for something. Hollow jewelry, on the other hand, is quite similar to the actual definition in the dictionary.


Hollow jewelry is simply gold or any precious metal without all that excess weight. It's a dainty and light construction of the same precious metal just without the "heavy feeling." Now, one might think why someone would buy 'lighter" instead of a robust and "heavy" design.


Here are some Pros

  • The light construction of the necklace and pendant on your chest will not weigh you down, nor do you feel like someone is hanging around your neck. 
  • The dainty and weightless styles available for earrings like stud, hoop, huggies, and even chandelier will have you out and about all day without also feeling the piercing in your ear. 
  • Stacks of rings on one hand or even finger have been a highly searched item over the web, and having so many options will confuse you with choices, but being free of heavyweight will broaden your smile throughout your day.
  • Stacking multiple bracelets that weigh lots of grams on your wrist will be tiring, especially as women who tend to carry a personal clutch, handbag, and often times a laptop case (not including groceries sheesh) all in our hands. Stackable jewelry is trending upwards, and fashionistas are wearing up to 20 bangles on one side. 
  • Last but not least, why hollow jewelry is superior over solid jewels is simply an attractive price. For example, a solid sterling silver necklace weighing 25 grams might sell for $150, whereas a 10-gram similar style hollow might sell for $79. 
  • The choice of your precious metal matters, too, of course. Sterling Silver is our entry to the valuable metal collection and currently a commodity that trades around $17 an ounce (as of June 2020.) 


Here are the Cons

  • Due to its lighter construction, hollow jewelry needs to be worn a tad more carefully than its counterpart relative, solid. Trying to make sure we take care while putting on and off is essential. Good thing about fine jewelry is it's usually worn on our bodies, and we don't really like running into walls or corner desks as some of us ladies do black and blue quickly (guilty here.)
  • Due to its affordable design, most jewelers, including popular and trustable websites like, do not recommend buying hollow jewelry with diamonds as the construction might not be suitable for a one, two, or even three-carat ring. 


The best way to understand your purchase is always to make sure you are buying from a reputable online fine jewelry store, offering a warranty for at least a year, and return policy. Remember, the most popular choices in life are always the ones we make with your money and heart.