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Italian Horn Cornicello Pendant

The Italian Horn Cornicello Pendant is a classic & timeless piece of jewelry. Both men and women can wear this fantastic iconic charm a design that’ll compliment any unique design and style. The Italian Horn Cornicello Pendant makes an ideal gift for Italians or anyone trying to ward any evil as it is ready to wear and will suit all age groups. Artisan Carat’s design is manufactured from real 14k Yellow Gold in Italy (of course) and is suitable for everyday wear because of the perfect shade of gold and shine. This type of fine jewelry is durable and strong, with a mesmerizing quality.

Necessary Information about Italian Horn Cornicello Pendant

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A few of our Good Luck charms among the Gold Collection are based on the Evil Eye, Hamsa, Elephant, Rooster, and Turtle charms respectively. But the Italian Horn Cornicello is one of the most popular among the lucky charms. Our clients love to wear it for multiple reasons, and protection from the evil eye is one of them.

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Italian Horn Cornicello Pendant Features & Symbolism

Many outstanding features characterize the Cornicello, namely its sun-touched complexions, scalps blessed with multiple wavy locks, and chests decorated with different iterations of a chili pepper-like pendant. While necklaces are mainly not biological attributes, this curvy, horn-shaped one is typically worn among such people and those who came before them.

This pendant is symbolized as;

  • A famous amulet & talisman worn among Italians and Americans.
  • Believed to be protected from the evil eye and negative energy.
  • The Cornicello Italian Horn is a universal symbol of good fortune, endurance, and strength.
  • Understood by many as a good luck charm/amulet.

Superstition behind the Italian Horn Cornicello Pendant

In Italian tradition, Cornicello (Corno) is the most renowned and ancient superstition.  It is also called as the Italian Horn. This gently-shaped horn is often offered in gold, the color red or silver as an amulet and referred to as animal horns that belonged to the sacred Moon Goddess of the European region. The symbol is said to bear protection for a person who wears it from the dreaded evil eye and negative energies. 

People who belong to different cultures take the evil eye quite seriously.  You may be familiar with the link between harsh or glaring scowl. Jealousy and envy have come from the Evil Eye’s cultural relation with superstition. It is a famous point that human reproduction, specifically, is at risk, and it needs excellent protection.

So, mothers and their nursing babies are at risk from the Evil Eye. However, the Italian Horn helps protect milking animals, bearing fruit trees, and even a man’s masculinity.

Not only do ordinary people like us wear the charm proudly on our chest but also celebrities are known to wear the Italian horn pendant for protection. A fine jewelry trend that started 1000s of years ago is catching up with itself and beginning to trend northward in 2020 to protect us all from negative energies and evil spirits.

How You Can Buy Our Italian Horn Cornicello Pendant

You can easily buy this Italian Horn Cornicello Pendant by visiting our online shop, select your pendant and many necklace lengths available to please all clients. Update your non-profit organization, add to cart, and place your order; we will deliver your fine jewels within three to five working days.

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