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Patterns of Gold Earrings Women Should Own

Fine Jewelry lovers, this one's for you! We’re sure that you must have stocked your jewelry boxes with loads of accessories. But when it comes to gold earrings, there are some patterns which we think you must own! Read to find out more about these gold earrings variations.


The simplest go-to option for non-fussy jewelry – the humble studs. However plain they may seem to be, studs too come in a wide variety of patterns, styles and sizes these days.

The best thing about studs is that they go perfectly well with any article of clothing. A pair of studs is perfect for those who love elegant, toned down jewelry that isn’t too flashy.


A cluster is multiple studs placed together in a pattern. These also fall under the non-fussy accessories category. Cluster earrings allow you to incorporate gold as well as jewels in your earrings. These look gorgeous, as they are simple yet ornate and delicate.


Sisters to studs, drops follow closely. Drops add a little more drama to the plain studs, by hanging just a little below your ear. Drops are best on days when you’re bored of flaunting your studs. Drop the studs, pick the drops!


The longer version of drops, dangles, are just right for when you want to make a statement. Dangles are bigger that drops – this allows you to experiment with their patterns. With so much scope for design, you can actually go ahead and design the pattern of your dangles too!


The royal cousins of dangles, chandeliers are all out and glamourous. They can hold an outfit by themselves, without requiring any extra accessories.

Chandeliers pick after the actual ceiling chandeliers. Symmetrical (or asymmetrical sometimes!) branches with designs are all held together in these earrings.

Ear Cuffs

In vogue across the fashion world, ear cuffs are unconventional, exotic pieces of jewelry. Crafted for those who love to stand out, ear cuffs are a spinoff of the traditional earrings.

Instead of dangling or staying on your earlobe, the ear cuffs hug your ear. They have a more refreshing, bohemian look, making them popular everywhere


A classy version of dangles, teardrops are chic and stylish at the same time. With the literal structure of a teardrop, these earrings drop just below the earlobe. Teardrops are just right for those who are looking for an attractive mix of dangles and chandeliers.


These deserve to be in every jewelry box! Hoops are trendy statement pieces which go well with modern as well as traditional wear. Who even knew a simple ring would come to be one of the most popular accessories?

Hoops come in all sizes- including small, medium, and large. These days, hoops are no longer restricted to circles – they come in triangles, squares, hexagons and a whole lot of other shapes too!


Knowing about these patterns will help you choose the right pair of gold earrings. You are free to design your gold earrings with Artisan Carat too! Design earrings that complement your dresses and fashion style, we can get them crafted right away. Try to get all the patterns in your fine jewelry wardrobe.

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