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Understanding Different Jewelry Terms in 2021

Do you understand the different jewelry jargon or today's popular gem terms? If not, then no worries Artisan Carat has you covered here. A quick article you should read and will come out like a jeweler with 10+ years of experience. We will discuss the different jewelry terms that you should know especially in 2021. There are foreign names and headlines to highlight a jeweler's spoken language. Therefore we have made a wordbook of jewelry terms you may encounter. A simple dictionary, for the consumer.

Different Important Jewelry Terms


A faceted stone containing a rectangular-cut that is more advanced than an emerald cut. A second popular choice after the round-cut.


A finding part or the hook that connects your pendant to your chain/necklace. Typically suspends to a pendant or charm from a piece of chain.

Base Metal

A sort of metal that isn't known as precious, I.E., copper, brass, tin, Zn, or nickel. Low-cost "fake" jewelry could also be made up of these kinds of metals. They'll cause skin irritation or make the body turn red or even break out in a rash.

Artisan Carat tends not to suggest sporting base metals against your skin. We tend to recommend avoiding such materials and make sure to check the sort of metal at the time of purchase wont to produce a chunk of jewelry before buying because it might not be exact.

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier jewelry styles use a metal framework to suspend multiple beads or alternative findings – a small amount of a pendant lightweight fitting. (Similiar to a large hotel lobby chandelier.) This style component is most frequently seen in long and elaborate statement earrings. However, it may even be employed in pendants.

Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet has charms connected to an area with ornamental pendants or trinkets which can signify vital aspects of the wearer's life and have sentimental value. Charm pendants or medallions are popular too. 

Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring typically contains a comparatively massive center gemstone or similar catch of attention that sits on the prime of or at the band's center to form an announcement, like oh hello there, ;). These rings are typically large and predominately worn for "cocktails" or formal dinners and not popular for everyday wear 

Copper plated

A base metal that is vibrant orange in color and is incredibly soft. It tarnishes fairly quickly and might stain the skin in its pure kind; therefore, it isn't typically used or recommended in jewelry on its own. 

However, it's commonly alloyed with sterling silver or gold: as an example, the alloy is AN alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper forms a far stronger metal than pure copper or silver (the copper content isn't high enough to stain skin).

Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings are the same as drop earrings; however, suspend below the ear lobe and swing back and forth and perspective aspect. They'll be relatively short or discontinue the entire manner down to graze your shoulders. Typically the terms' dangle earrings' and 'drop earrings' may be used interchangeably.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings similar to dangle earrings have the most feature dropping slightly below the ear lobe. In contrast, they might not swing given the look to dangle earrings that continually hang. Typically the terms' drop earrings' and 'dangle earrings' area unit used interchangeably.

Fresh Water Pearls

A natural colored pearl mainly sourced in the waters of China or even certain places here in the US that are extracted from oysters. An extensive harvesting process, when done pearls are measured in millimeters and sorted from 1mm - 20mm in diameter depending on the design.  Commonly strands of freshwater pearls are threaded on silk string, but may be put together on a Gold necklace. 


The true definition for a Gemstone may be a mineral crystal that is cut and polished to be employed in jewelry or alternative ornamental things. However, some rocks (e.g., lazuli, opal, and jade) and organic materials (e.g., pearl and amber) {are conjointly|also area unit|are} employed identically and are typically also thought-about to be gemstones. 

Precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, whereas semi-precious gemstones are other alternative gems. CZ or cubic zirconia and Swarovski are not considered to be parts of gemstones.

Akoya pearls

Pearls from the Akoya water oyster are predominatly harvested out of Japan .


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