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What are Lab Diamonds? | Artisan Carat

A quick two minute read for all diamond shoppers or consumers. So you've been dating for years now and know that he/she is the one. That is deserving of a round of applause, especially knowing first hand how hard finding the right soul mate in 2020 is. Forget Corona Virus or Covid-19, just finding the other half to make you feel like you want to be heard and understood. That's a separate blog, but let us get into lab diamonds and understanding what they are and the basic science of what it takes to "mine'' or "make" one.
Run and run far, when you are being sold a synthetic diamond for the price "a fraction" of a real one. First things first, a laboratory-made diamond starts its life as a real diamond mined as if its in the original shape and form. With science, craftsmanship, and our modern tools, the quarried stone gets enhanced to shape a perfect replica look, texture, and similar grade as if you are buying a highly rated GIA certified gem. But you are not, and your pockets might feel as if you got a steal of a deal of even a "hookup,' but you didn't and kept running away.
So you ran away from the store and now are thinking, why would make me run fast and far? Simple. That lab "certified" gemstone in the jewelry realm is practically worth 10-20% of the cost you as the consumer paid and almost a joke. (The hard truth.) You might've been sold 'the next best thing,' but in reality, its a hoax and another means to defraud the consumer, building a deal around the new hype. We would instead recommend buying a set of 14k gold earrings with premium CZ stones, or real diamonds lower in quality but yet the REAL DEAL.
When you buy real diamonds, you know that something original and precious is made to your taste. Even if you but a dainty 18k gold diamond ring, you are buying quality vs. a facade or "quantity." We at Artisan Carat strongly believe in bang for the buck, meaning getting your money worth. Instead, buy a One-carat diamond that is SI2 in clarity versus a VS1 scientific laboratory-grade piece of NOT quality. (Sorry) You might be sold because the engagement ring with a two-carat diamond is fifteen thousand, yet the "minor enhanced" is nine thousand. In case of this matter, if you decide to sell this 9k diamond as an enhanced diamond, it'll be worth $900-2500 maximum. Food for thought, remember when we were younger and periodically were warned if the deal is too good to be true it probably is, well it is.
We can be hired through our custom design page to find you a genuine diamond of choice for all appetites and price points with all proper certifications and grading documents from GIA. Simple hint, always be true to yourself and buy from a reputable source and let's not try to reinvent the wheel and believe that science works magic on all aspects, yes on most but not on mining diamonds or gemstones.

With Love,

Artisan Carat.